You must be looking for a senior-level statistical consultant to work on a biopharmaceutical project, or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Consider the Pros and Cons of our Principal Statistical Consultant,

William R. Fairweather, PhD, PSTAT®


  Expert Regulatory Statistician

Designation by FDA for his knowledge of pharmaceutical science, regulation, and product approval, and his ability to develop and apply appropriate and often novel statistical methods.


Received certification as Professional Statistician from the American Statistical Association.

  Academic degrees

BA, MS, PhD from Berkeley, Cornell and Washington.

  Professionally active

Publishes regularly in refereed journals, serves as statistical reviewer to journals and Federal Agencies.

  Writes well both technically and nontechnically

Writes reports for technical review by FDA statisticians, and writes with clarity for both nonstatistical scientists and lawyers.


Works well with client technical staff and management. Often provides client with their only statistical support.

  Works quickly

Respects client’s timetable


Has over 100 biopharmaceutical clients and has successfully concluded over 250 projects.

  Enjoys mysteries

He believes that every data set has a story to tell, and that some tell it reluctantly.  He believes that it is his role to bring that story out.




X  Since mid-1970s, has worked for only two organizations

   1) 25 years for FDA as statistical reviewer, Group Leader, Branch Chief, and Associate Director.

   2)      2) 20 years for Flower Valley Consulting, Inc. as President and Principal Statistical Consultant.

X  Spreads himself too thinly

Works in too many fields of science and medicine, all phases of clinical trials and laboratory studies, many statistical and computer methodologies.  Enjoys the variety.

X  Is too old

You did want a SENIOR-LEVEL statistical consultant, didn’t you?  Can’t qualify for that title right after high school.

X  Refuses to act his age

In January 2019, declined a job offer as a bouncer in a Florida bar; too busy with his day job.

X  Is too independent

Prefers to supervise himself.  Is an excellent supervisor of an outstanding, insightful statistician.  Modest, too.


The PROs ☑ outweigh the CONs X  , so you probably want to see his CV.  You can download it here. If you want to discuss your project with him, click here  to set up a phone call. 

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