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Paying the Bills

For very large projects, or if I haven't worked with you before, I will require a payment of 15% of the project's anticipated fees in advance of starting work. This will be applied to my first invoices until used up.

I invoice small, non-continuing projects as soon as they are completed, usually within a couple of days. I invoice continuing projects on or about the 5th of each month, covering the work completed during the previous calendar month. Invoices are payable in full in 28 days. A reinvoicing fee is charged for unpaid balances. It is roughly related to the size of the invoice, but it is not interest. I hope that it is sufficiently steep that it discourages unpaid balances.

I usually pay for small items directly related to the completion of a project and then invoice the client. My clients usually pay the vendor directly for large items such as airfare, hotel rooms, etc.


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