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William R. Fairweather, PhD, President
Flower Valley Consulting, Inc.
February 2009

Both the statistical consultant and the client want a smooth working relationship--from the scientific perspective and from the business perspective. It helps that each side of the consultation knows what to expect from the other. This document is a "work in progress" that attempts to describe what my clients can expect from me and what I expect from them. This is intended to be an "ideal" picture. Sometimes I cannot operate as I have described here, and sometimes my clients cannot operate this way. In those cases, this serves as the starting point for a dialogue. We will modify it to establish our expectations of each other, expectations that will allow us to maximize our working relationship.

I expect that I will save you money or that I will add value to your efforts that is far in excess of my fees. If you don't feel that way, we should not be attempting to work together. If we get to a time that this is no longer the case, we should end the relationship. If we get to such a time, I hope that we can create a new situation where I can be of further use to you.

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